About Us

Once upon a time…

… in beautiful Portuguese Alentejo
… in one of the sunniest spots in Europe
… in a wild area away from big cities
… in a small village by the Montargil lake
… on a traditional farm, quiet yet full of life
… there was a piece of land with a soul.

We fell in love with it and wanted other people to experience the blissful atmosphere as well.

This way our campsite was born.

It is a small, cozy area, where you can live simply yet comfortably in a beautiful tipi or bring your own tent.

Leave your daily life behind and enjoy the perfect peace of the area, climb the tree house to stare at the countryside or take part in the daily life of the farm.

Your neighbours on the surrounding pastures will be the curious flock of goats, the Lusitano horse named Hidalgo and the small family of pigs relaxing in the sun or taking baths in their own pond.

You can enjoy the small beaches of the Montargil lake nearby or water sport activities, take endless walks in nature, cycle the dirt roads or stay on the farm watching the animals, being alone by our two small ponds or just doing nothing.

It’s time to relax, take it easy and let the nature do its magic!

The Direction South Glamping is located at
Estrada de Montargil 114 – Foros do Mocho
7425-015 Montargil – PORTUGAL

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